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Cold to sunny then foggy

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The Hong Kong Observatory recently released a curious, evenly-spaced 9-day forecast.

Those enjoying the sweater weather are in for a treat as the cold seems to be making one final hurrah this weekend. Temperatures dip to as low as 11 degrees between Friday and Sunday, making it the coldest Easter ever recorded in Hong Kong.

As it gets warmer the city will experience sunny periods from Monday to Wednesday next week. The month closes with the first of thus far three days of foggy weather, on March 31st.

The Observatory reports:

The northeast monsoon will bring cold weather to Guangdong in the next couple of days. Under the influence of a dry continental airstream, the weather will be generally fine with relatively large temperature difference between day and night over southern China during the weekend and early next week. A mild maritime airstream is expected to affect the south China coast in the middle and latter parts of next week, it will become humid with fog over the region.

Isn’t spring around the corner yet? We’ll have to wait and see.


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