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Cathay flights delayed by medical emergency, hand luggage dispute

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A Cathay Pacific flight from New York to Hong Kong was delayed two hours due to a sick passenger.

The South China Morning Post reported flight CX841 left New York on Monday morning en route to Hong Kong but was diverted to Beijing when a passenger needed urgent medical attention.

The flight continued to Hong Kong, arriving two hours after its scheduled landing.

Meanwhile, ejinsight.com reported suspicious behaviour by a passenger sparked a security scare on a Cathay flight last week, delaying a flight out of Hong Kong to Bangkok by two-and-a-half hours.

Cabin crew of CX713 became alarmed when they saw a man put several items of hand luggage in different overhead lockers, and ignored requests to put all his belongings in one locker

The cabin crew were suspicious of his behaviour and reported it to the flight captain.

The captain ordered the evacuation of the plane and a new round of security checks on all passengers, and the aircraft was also inspected.

Once nothing suspicious was found, the aircraft was cleared for a delayed takeoff.

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