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Brought together

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United and strengthened by the pain of loss, the DB community gathers to repay a man for years of kindness

A collective grieving shortly followed the passing of Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise’s Sam Kwok. News spread around the world, reaching former Discovery Bay residents and even short-term visitors.

Soon after the news broke, members of Facebook group DB Mums, such as Paula Lepore Burrough and Sandra Roe, convened online with aims of figuring out a way to help. While flowers and farewell messages were already being laid at the Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise storefront, the group decided to be patient, respectful of Sam’s family and sensitive toward their feelings, giving them space.

By mid-March, the group began accepting donations to help cover Sam’s expenses. An account managed by Paula and Helen Revans for the Healthy Living in DB Society was set up to receive donors’ deposits. Before the Easter weekend, donation boxes were set up at Uncle Russ Coffee (c/o YB Rai) and Sam’s shop, which had just opened under the care of his wife Hatty. Residents quickly responded with their contributions and purchases at Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise.


Photo (above) by Baljit Gidwani – www.evoqueportraits.com

More than HK$46,000 had been raised — the sum of two separate collections that coincidentally, totalled around HK$23,000 each.

On March 30, Paula, Sandra, and her husband David Roe, met with Hatty, who was tending the shop with her sons Nick and Ray. They handed her the white envelope (??) filled with the community’s donations. Hatty and family were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for Sam — a small testament of how many lives he had touched during his.

In 2008, Sandra Roe was receiving chemotherapy after suffering brain cancer, which had also caused her to lose her memory. Sam Kwok lovingly made her a special batch of fresh carrot juice powered with extra carrots — until she got better.

 Sam Kwok at work


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