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‘Big Grizzly’ ride at Hong Kong Disneyland breaks down twice in four days

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Would-be thrill seekers at Disneyland found themselves moving a lot slower than expected on Wednesday July 12 as the ‘Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway’ rollercoaster broke down – for the second time this week.

The day slowed down significantly for the 48 adrenaline junkies when the train of cars they were riding in came to an abrupt stop. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department were told of a malfunction involving ride safety sensors, designed to stop the rollercoaster should they detect anything going wrong.

These sensors triggered during the ride on Wednesday despite no issues with the track, leaving the occupants stranded at the top of the ride’s hill as another train was approaching the climb. It has been reported that the same fault occurred on Sunday July 9 when 72 people had to be evacuated by ride operators.

Passengers were stranded for around 10 minutes on both occasions, with some producing umbrellas as they sought some relief from the heat of the sun.

Disney reported no safety issues with the ride, and in both instances the tracks were operational again within a matter of hours.

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