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Are these Hong Kong’s kookiest Halloween decorations?

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Traditional Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and cobwebs have been a common sight at local shops for the past few weeks – but one Discovery Bay business has taken a surprising approach.

Shoppers at Chef’s Choice in Discovery Bay’s North Plaza have been doing a double-take at owner Sami Verho’s quirky decorations.

Fake blood has been sprayed on the glass doors of the display cabinets and fake severed limbs line shelves inside in amongst the normal produce. The shop also has fake severed limbs hanging from the ceiling and on countertops.


This is the first Halloween for Chef’s Choice in DB, said Sami, who has lived in Tung Chung for five years, and opened Chef’s Choice last November.

When it came to the decorations his attitude was not to do things by halves, and Sami said most customers enjoyed the spirit of fun, some even taking selfies in the store.

He did urge parents to think about whether children would be alarmed before bringing them into the store, but said all the kids who had been in so far had seemed to enjoy the decorations.

He was planning to add more the display and culminate with face painting for kids on Saturday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm.



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