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Another cold wave could engulf Hong Kong next month

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On the cusp of springtime, one more surge of extreme cold weather may be felt in the region.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post,Taiwan-based Weather On Ground has discovered significantly cold air accumulating in western Mongolia, southern Siberia and northern Xinjiang. Temperatures in some areas have gone down by 12 to 24 degrees lower than average.

Weakening Arctic oscillation might see the cold air sweep further south of its usual confinement area. The Hong Kong Observatory, which forecasts up to nine days of forthcoming weather has said that it is still too early to accurately predict the March climate. As of press time it reports lows of 12 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, to heights of 20 degrees in the first three days of March.

January’s cold surge brought about the lowest temperatures the city has experienced in decades. Classes for primary students were suspended as the mercury dropped to about 3 degrees in urban areas.

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