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Air traffic controllers avert near crash over Big Buddha

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An investigation has been launched following an incident involving an airbus A320 over Lantau on Sunday.

Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9041 was on its final approach into Hong Kong when the flight crew aborted the landing and circled over the no-fly zone of Lantau island, before seeking to land on the south runway.

Air traffic controllers reportedly intervened to instruct another aircraft taking off from the south runway to stop climbing immediately. It is understood that flight ZH9041 passed over the Big Buddha statue at just 3,000 feet before then climbing to a safe altitude of 6,000 feet.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) said that air traffic control spotted the anomaly immediately after the aircraft deviated from the standard missed approach track. Instruction was given to guide the aircraft back to the right track.

They went on to say that the safety of other aircraft within the Hong Kong Flight Information Region was not affected and that the incident did not pose a threat to public safety.

The CAD has requested that Shenzhen Airlines also look into the incident and take necessary actions to safeguard flight safety for its flights operating to and from Hong Kong.

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