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8th Lantau International Beer Dash Results

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The Beer Dash was once again a fun day out. Thanks to San Miguel, Bay Media, HomeSolutions Real Estate, Phoenix Wills and the Beach House.

We were once again capped at 350 runners. 43% were lady dashers and 57% were male. The youngest was 19 years and the oldest runner, 68. The beers tasted this year were Blue Ice, Samuel Adams, Kirin, James Boag’s, and San Miguel.



The First runner in was Kurt Lynne from Discovery Bay, tailed by runner-up David Gallacher of South Lantau. First lady to finish was Emma McGovern, followed by runner-up Steph Lawton.

First Team to cross the finish line was The 1/2 Tong Fukkers, from Tong Fuk. First Girl’s team in was Damaged Goods, from Discover Bay.

The Best Dressed Team award went to Team Sublime. The Best dressed Man came in as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. The runner who won Most Sexy Lady dressed as Catwoman.



Many more prizes were given for the fantastic getups. Some worth mentioning are Cruella de ville (DB), Aladin’s lamp (DB), Father Ted and his nuns, and The Beer Barrels.

A total of HK$105,000.00 was raised, which will go to PALS, LBA, Herds Up, Lim and other animal rescue groups on South Lantau.


Photos by Terry Chow.

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