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At Tung Hang Mei: Jenny Quinton reveals what’s in her backpack

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Sitting on her favourite hillside, Jenny Quinton, founder of Ark Eden, reveals what’s in her backpack.

1 I’m a list girl. I have a library of notebooks – people leave them at Ark Eden and I recycle them. This one says ‘Let’s run away’ on the front. It’s interesting because I’ve just run away from my job. I’m on a five-month ‘sabbatical’ because I wanted some time to think about the big issues we are facing. I’m thinking about a better plan for Lantau rather than the ridiculous Lantau Tomorrow Vision and about ‘zero-waste’ rather than the disastrous Shek Kwu Chau incinerator. There’s also my great dream of a forest school in Mui Wo.

2 I have this piece of ‘plasma arc’ on my butsudan [Buddhist altar]. In 2005, when the idea for the incinerator first came up, so many of us worked so hard to stop it. But the government went ahead. Thirty-one finless porpoises were found dead last year. Shek Kwu Chau is their main breeding ground – was. When this thing starts smoking, we will all be dying too. I still hope and pray something will happen and it won’t come off.

3 I carry a head torch because I’m often still walking somewhere way up in the hills when it’s starting to get dark. Without it, I have to feel my way down.

4 You gotta have a hat in this town. I really like this one (not because I’m a Liverpool supporter!) but because it fits my head perfectly and it has a big brim.

5 I’ve been carrying this Buddhist guidance around for 25 years, and I still haven’t got to the third part yet. The first part says once you make your mind up and believe you’ll succeed then the universe will get to work. The second bit says you are the Buddha in charge of your life, and the third part says at some point you must start working out your own enlightenment.

6 This painting of Lantau was a birthday present from a friend. She wrote at the bottom, “Jen, this is your land.” This is my vision board of a perfect, peaceful Lantau. This place is paradise and I hope people realise that. I wish our rising consciousness would rise faster.

7 This is my red ‘love me’ book. Unless you love yourself, you’re never going to get anywhere… On August 18 last year (a significant date for me), I decided to write down something I did for myself every day, and I realised I didn’t do anything! But this exercise has helped me improve. I’ve got my sabbatical because of this book.

For Ark Eden’s holiday, educational and corporate programmes, email [email protected], [email protected], or visit www.arkedenonlantau.org.


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  • Gareth Reply

    Random question Jenny, did you ever work in Wilmslow ??? odd question I know

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