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Festive arrangement: Simple, stylish and easy decorating tips

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Capture the magic of a classic holiday season by following Jane Clyde’s simply stylish and totally doable decorating tips.

For most of us, a good holiday decor is built on tradition – there’s the tree, a couple of themed centrepieces, candles and a wreath or two. But when working with these staples, you don’t have to play it safe. Meaning you don’t have to create the exact same atmosphere or look from year to year.

Think out of the box and you can come up with hundreds of novel ways to decorate your home, while still using classic pieces. Why not group favourite baubles in a beautiful glass jar, or style up with a couple of miniature trees instead of the usual, 6-foot Douglas Fir?

Xmas decorations can bring in an element of serenity that may otherwise be absent during the holiday season. This year, clean and calming Christmas schemes are bang on trend. Rather than piling on the gold and silver, and going totally over the top with tinsel and streamers, we are being encouraged to simplify, get innovative and style up.

Before you jump to any conclusions, this won’t take the fun out of holiday decorating. Far from it! The plan is to set up just a few, key focal points and really make them (carol) sing.

Christmas countdown

As a starting point, remove as many yearround decor items as you can. By so doing, you’ll create space – on shelves and side tables – for seasonal displays. And as a bonus, when you reinstate your everyday ornaments on January 6 (Twelfth Night), you’ll find that you appreciate them all the more.

Step two: Decide on a two- or three-tone colour scheme and stick to it, religiously. You may find, for instance, that most of the pieces in your Xmas box are red. If that’s the case, pack away the lone purple bauble and the single strand of gold tinsel, and limit your holiday decorating to red and white.

Red with apple or lime green, and silver with purple or turquoise are fashionable colour choices for 2016. But basically anything goes, as long as you control the use of colour in your scheme.

Step three: Arrange key pieces innovatively, and work with what you have. Repurposing makes sense on many levels, not least the bottom line. You are ahead of the game if you saved last year’s Christmas cards and wrap, as these can be used to make anything from paper lanterns to baubles. All you need are scissors and a stapler. Christmas crafts add a personal touch, and are, of course, so much fun to make!

Lastly, after all this repurposing and crafting, you’ll feel justified in splashing out on a few fashionable, yet timeless decor items. Woodland holiday themes are bang on trend, as are retro designs, complete with candy canes and sprigs of pine. Key additions to your holiday scheme this year, might also include a frosted Christmas tree, chevron ribbons and just a little bit of burlap.

Here’s to a Xmas decor that provides blessed relief from all the bling and excess in the malls. Happy holidays!

Images: Jane Clyde

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