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Turtle dead in fishing net

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In early January, Southeast Asia director for Sea Shepherd, Discovery Bay resident Gary Stokes was called out to recover a dead green turtle, entangled in a fishing net near Pui O.

Of the five species of sea turtle found in Hong Kong, only the green turtle breeds in local waters. “It was a big deal, and very sad,” Gary says. “The net was wrapped around the turtle’s neck, mouth and flippers and the cause of death was clear.”

“It’s important to raise awareness about the danger of these horrible fishing nets that not only catch and kill all living species in the water but also represent a danger to divers,” Gary adds. “These nets are very cheap and fishermen leave them everywhere in the water.”

Gary suggests the best way to avoid similar incidents in the future would be for the government to outlaw the cheap, basically disposable mono-filament nets that are left so carelessly in Lantau waters.

Image: Courtesy of Sea Shepherd

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