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Light-reflecting collars protect cows

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Tai O Community Cattle Group has launched the Safety Collar Scheme, fitting over 100 cows with labelled, fluorescent collars to increase their visibility to drivers.

The collared cows are concentrated on South Lantau roads from Shek Pik to Cheung Sha.

Tai O resident Kathy Daxon of the Tai O Community Cattle Group explains: “The collars allow the cows to be seen earlier, which helps to avoid injury and death by speeding traffic.”

According to Mui Wo resident Jacqui Green of Protection of Animals Lantau South (PALS.): “Inconsiderate and careless driving habits present a serious danger to humans and animals (particularly the cows), which inhabit South Lantau and use the roads frequently.” In one incident in June 2013, eight feral cattle were killed in a hit and run accident in Tong Fuk.

“The Safety Collar Scheme is both a positive and workable concept and it has raised the awareness of residents to the presence of the cows in our villages and along our roads,” Jacqui adds.

Both ladies speak of their frustration with the Transport Department who, they say, is doing nothing to encourage people to drive more slowly. For more information, contact Kathy at [email protected] and Jacqui at [email protected].

Photos courtesy of Tai O Community Cattle Group.

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