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Lantau News: Space for all?

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There’s lots going on with the Space for All Lantau Development Plan, which the Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) launched in mid-January, bringing all its development plans for Lantau under one banner and introducing a three-month public engagement exercise.

LanDAC has since held three public forums, on February 20 and 28 and March 13, as well as a number of briefing sessions and a range of ongoing roving exhibitions. Proposed developments include the North Lantau Corridor, featuring strategic economic and housing development, the North-eastern Lantau Node for leisure, entertainment and tourism and the East Lantau Metropolis. Residents have expressed their displeasure at the scale of the proposals and feel the public consultation process has not been arranged with their best interests at heart.

“The public consultations have been put together at very short notice and the registration for them has been overly complicated,” says Living Islands Movement’s Martin Lerigo.
Lantau residents started raising concerns about the way LanDAC is handling its Space for All public consultation process at the start of the year, with a January 31 protest in Mui Wo.

LanDAC is asking residents to write to them with their opinion on the proposed developments, so head to www.landac.hk/en/contact-us to have your say.

The LegCo secretariat has organised a public hearing of the LegCo Panel on Development on April 16, where members of the public can apply to speak on the proposed development strategy of Lantau. “You can go and make a three-minute submission in person to LegCo” Martin says. “Anyone can apply to do it and I think there would be quite a lot of Lantau residents interested in doing that.”

Those interested should forward their written submissions to the clerk of the panel, with more information available at www.legco.gov.uk.

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