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Hope for South Lantau internet

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Last issue, we reported on South Lantau’s poor quality broadband internet connection, and the determination of Islands Broadband Concern Group (IBCG) to get it improved.

It seems the group is already making genuine headway, following an informal background briefing with Hong Kong Telecom’s (HKT) Netvigator engineering and marketing teams in October.

Robert Clark, who set up the IBCG, says in his Lantau Confidential blog that while a long wait is inevitable, HKT understands it needs to provide an upgraded service and has already started drafting plans to invest in broadband fibre for the Outlying Islands.

In the meantime, HKT has agreed to give priority service to customers with on-going broadband issues and has made it clear that it welcomes feedback and is keen to engage in further dialogue with the IBCG. That being said, the IBCG remains realistic about the situation and knows that the process of drafting plans, getting them through a series of approvals and seeing them actually come to fruition will take time.

Hang in there South Lantau residents. To find out more, read Robert’s blog www.lantauconfidential.com.

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