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Take a walk on the wild side: A look at Lantau’s diverse creatures

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Known as the ‘green lung’ of Hong Kong, Lantau is home to an array of wonderful wildlife. Here are just some of the amazing creatures you might encounter as you explore the island’s rich ecology.

Wild cattle and water buffaloes

The offspring of farm animals introduced to Hong Kong in the 1900s, Lantau’s feral bovines now live mostly in herds across South Lantau.

lantau wildlife

Dragonflies, butterflies and moths

Home to approximately 60% of the 110 dragonfly and 240 butterfly species in Hong Kong, Lantau has an extremely rich insect fauna. And when it comes to moths, it has some of the largest, including the enormous atlas moth, whose wingspan can reach an incredible 30 centimetres!

lantau wildlife

Red Munjac

Commonly known as barking deer due to their distinct dog-like call, these striking animals love to hide deep in the woods.

lantau wildlife

Dog-faced fruit bats

Common in both urban and rural areas, these big-eyed mammals like to roost in among the palm leaves.

lantau wildlife

Romer’s tree fog

A protected species in Hong Kong, these tiny creatures are the smallest amphibians in the territory.

lantau wildlife

Horseshoe crabs

Often referred to as living fossils, these unique sea dwellers have been around for 475 million years!

lantau wildlife


Did you know that there are approximately 55 species of snake in Hong Kong? No wonder they’re seen so often around and about Lantau!

lantau wildlife

Chinese White Dolphins

Now critically endangered, Lantau’s friendly cetaceans spend most of their time in the waters north of the island.

lantau wildlife

Photos by Andrew Spires and courtesy of and Naomi Brannan of SMRU (Hong Kong) and www.wikimedia.org

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