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New trends in exercise: Lantau fitness

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Tired of the same old exercise routine? Lantau has lots of new and exciting exercise options to offer…

1. Mindful movements 

One of the latest classes to arrive in Lantau is Nirvana Fitness, a unique blend of uplifting music, Pilates, yoga, functional movements and rhythmic breathing. The concept focuses on achieving a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern, calming the nervous system and creating the potential for regeneration, while at the same time toning, shaping and stretching the muscles. This mindful combination is ideal for combating stress, depression and insomnia, and improving overall health and wellbeing—perfect for helping you cope with Hong Kong’s fast-paced city life!

– Sue Oliver, Embody www.embody.hk.

2. High Intensity Training (HIT)

The latest research shows that High Intensity Training (HIT) is the key is to building a super-strong, lean and athletic body. HIT sessions focus on strength, functional movement, power and usable energy—utilising heavy weights and explosive movements, while workshopping form at the same time. From Strongman/ Strongwoman, CrossHIT and boot camp sessions to Les Mills Bodypump, Bodystep, GRIT, TRX, Spin and boxing programmes, whatever sparks your interest, there’s a HIT class to match it. It’s all about challenging yourself to be the best you can. Eat clean, train mean, rest well and stay lean!

– Wesley Reid, The HIT Room www.thehitroom.com.hk.

3. Fusion fitness

Much like fashion, exercise trends come and go. Hybrid workouts are hot right now, incorporating elements of multiple exercises to challenge your body. A fun and fresh way of exercising, these fusion fitness classes add much-needed variety for those wanting to stay in shape. Examples include Piloxing, a cardio class incorporating Pilates, boxing and dance to help you zap calories while boosting tone in your arms, glutes and legs, and Zumba, which mixes low-intensity and high- intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie- burning dance fitness party. And now hybrid workouts are set to go one step further by giving our minds a workout as well as our bodies, with classes such as NIA, which aims to tone your body while transforming your mind through dance, martial arts and mindfulness.

– Alyona Zarnitsyna & Ivailo Tonchev, The Beat Dance & Fitness Studio www.thebeat.com.hk.

4. Electric Muscle Stimulation 

Relatively new in Lantau is EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training—a full-body workout that combines active exercise with the electrical stimulation of muscles to help reduce fat and strengthen and tone the body. The electrical pulses are delivered via a special suit containing a number of electrodes that help to work the deep skeletal muscles. One-a-week sessions last just 20 minutes, with research showing that each one is equivalent to over five-and-a-half hours of non-aided exercise. EMS can also help to relieve back pain and improve circulation.

– Thomas Powell, Body Express www.bodyexpress.hk.

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