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Eat The Kiwi: New Online Grocer Delivering To DB

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By Eat The Kiwi

Launched by the founders of The Produce Company, a New Zealand-based food distributor, Eat The Kiwi is Hong Kong’s newest online grocer, now delivering to Discovery Bay. The team specialises in bringing high-quality food to Hong Kong, sourced directly from New Zealand farmers and producers.

“Going straight to the source means we know exactly where and who our food comes from,” says marketing director, Rebekah Bradley. “It also means we get better prices – a benefit we share with our customers.”

Eat The Kiwi flies in fresh vegetables twice a week, meaning minimal time is lost getting produce from farm to table. And all of its meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free, since the animals are sustainably farmed outdoors. “There are over 400 products to choose from, many of them Michelin-chef quality,” says Rebekah. “And with everything in one place, you don’t have to go to multiple stores to get what you’re looking for.”

In addition to providing home delivery for groceries, Eat The Kiwi also supplies over 200 of Hong Kong’s top five-star hotels, restaurants and private clubs. The team focuses on providing warm, efficient and friendly customer service.

Subscribing to sustainability
Since sustainability is a priority, Eat The Kiwi’s vegetables and fruit are packed loose, which helps avoid plastic wrap. What’s more, its groceries are delivered in FSC recyclable cardboard boxes lined with WoolCool, a natural and sustainable insulator made out of sheep’s wool. “WoolCool is compostable and biodegradable,” says Rebekah. “If you add it into your compost or garden, it will release valuable nitrates back into the soil.

“WoolCool is specifically designed for direct delivery of chilled and frozen foods such as meat, fish, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables,” Rebekah adds. “It has been trialled and tested to keep produce within a cool temperature range, thereby ensuring that deliveries always arrive in top condition. This also means you don’t need to be at home when food is delivered. We WhatsApp you on arrival and leave the boxes at your front door.”

All about making your life easier, Eat The Kiwi is the first online grocer in Hong Kong to use a subscription system. You ‘subscribe’ to items, on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, and they are automatically reordered each week (or fortnight), without you having to do a thing.

“The subscription system is perfect for items you regularly shop for and you can have more than one subscription,” Rebekah says. “Better yet – subscription orders receive 10% off!”

Eat The Kiwi delivers to DB on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12pm and 6pm (order by 10am, Monday/ Wednesday). Delivery is free for orders over HK$1,000, and costs HK$120 for orders under HK$1,000.  For more information, and to order, visit store.eatthekiwi.com, email [email protected], or WhatsApp 9785 5706.

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