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All that and dim sum: Our pick of the tastiest local dumplings

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We sent our graphic design guru and resident eating machine Andrew Spires out to a dim sum restaurant to choose his top picks. What would you have gone for? Let us know at FB.com/arounddb.

Name:  叉燒腸 Char Siu Cheung
How to say it:  Tsah see-u churng
Description:  Rice noodle roll with succulent barbecue pork
Why?  It’s delicious in its simplicity, the combination of the sweet, flavour some pork balancing perfectly with the salty soy sauce. Kids love it.

Name:  豬腸粉 Jyu Cheung Fun
How to say it:  Jew churng fun
Description:  Soft rice flour roll, fried and served with two sauces – one
sweet and one peanut
Why?  The savoury roll and spring onion work beautifully with the sauce combo. Bathe the roll in soy then dip it in both sauces at the same time. Cosmic.

Name:  鹹水角 Ham Sui Gok
How to say it:  Ham soy go (flat ‘o’ sound in go)
Description:  Deep-fried glutinous bun filled with pork and prawn
Why?  The textures change as you eat it, with flavours of sesame, pork and prawn all singing harmoniously together.

Name:  小籠包 Siu Loong Bau
How to say it:  See-u long bow (short ‘o’ in long)
Description:  A soup-filled dumpling made with Chinese spices and pork
Why?  Dip one of these in the accompanying vinegar and your mouth will thank you forever. The fresh, intense flavours of ginger, sesame, spring onion and garlic leave you wanting more.

Name:  奶皇包 Nai Wong Bau
How to say it:  N-eye wong bow
Description:  Soft rice flour bun with a sweet egg-custard centre
Why?  A nice break from the ginger and soy, this sugary bun is basically a goopy sweet-custard doughnut. Beware though –they’re called lava buns for a reason!

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