How to make healthy toothpaste?

Learn how to make your own toothpaste, the healthy way! No paraben, no nasty chemicals! By Louise Buckley.

By: Louise Buckley

Making your own toothpaste is easy

I just made my second batch of home-made toothpaste. I started making it because buying fluoride paraben and other nasty-free toothpaste is difficult in Hong Kong (I bought Aloedent in the UK) and really really expensive.

Making your own is easy. I have to say my teeth definitely feel different and I can see my gums improving. I have very fine chips on the back of my two front teeth I was starting to worry about it (it was a ‘Hey Big Spender moment swinging a caribou on a string at Drama School- another story!) They were starting to feel very thin- It feels completely different and the best way to describe it is stronger. Three weeks on and I can say I love this toothpaste!

My three year old was also spending a lot of time eating and sucking the toothbrush. Now, she just gets in there and cleans and spits, which makes me happier. She also only complains about it to her Dad who is also wary of it. She just sees me get on with it; there is no alternative, which is sometimes a brilliant way to get kids to just get on with it!

I took my inspiration from these blogs;

and Ramiel Nagal’s book  Cure Tooth Decay

Recipe for healthy toothpaste

I use;

In a glass Jar

2tbs coconut oil

2tbs calcium and magnesium powder (I use Mezotrace, Calcium/ Magnesium, Powdered Minerals, 1Lb)

2tbs baking powder

1tsp salt (I use Pink Himalayas Salt)

8 drops Raspberry Medicine Flowers

10 drops of Mint Medicine Flowers

Mix it all together with a chopstick and put the lid on the jar!

Done and it lasts ages! (Beware it is grey!)

The author: Louise Buckley is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer. She is also a Bach Flower Practitioner and Ear Acupuncturist. She is truly passionate about using Nature and Natural processes to heal, nurture and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Also she is a Full Member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and a Registered Provider for Allianz Insurance.

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