Restaurants in Discovery Bay

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McSorley’s Ale House is a popular spot to grab...

Planning your child's education

in Education by Anne Murphy
Planning your child’s education is usually the first priority for new parents in Hong Kong, reports DB resident Anne Murphy (Director at ITS Education Asia).
us universities with easy admission process

How to apply to US universities?

in Education by Anne Murphy Cohen
ITS Education Asia gives tips for prospective students and their parents.

School Application 2015/2016

in Education by Anne Murphy
If you are considering to apply to a new school in Hong Kong, be aware of the schools' application deadlines. Also, read very useful tips from DB's own school-placement consultant.

Beyond a School’s Website

in Education by Anne Murphy
How do you find out what is really going on in a school?

Established vs new schools

in Education by Anne Murphy
Parents are faced with many options for schooling in Hong Kong, from private to independent to local and everything in between. We asked Anne Murphy from ITS Educational Services to give us her opinion on how to choose between established and new schools in Hong Kong.

IB vs A-levels system

in Education by Anne Murphy
Over the past few years, there has been a lot of attention given to the IB Diploma Programme as a good or possibly better alternative to the A-Levels. Let's understand the difference between these two systems.

Loss of ESF Subvention

in Education by Anne Murphy
Anne Murphy, Director at ITS Educational Services Ltd tells us the latest news on the English Schools Foundation subvention.

Curriculums at International Schools

in Education by Anne Murphy
In Hong Kong, parents are presented with a wide variety of curricula, for example: the American curriculum, the UK National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate curriculum (IB), the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and other national curricula, for example Australian, French, German, Japanese, Canadian and Singaporean.

School interview

in Education by Anne Murphy
Make your child alert to their environment or a new setting. Do not dismiss queries as sweet-nothings. Give satisfactory answers to his/her questions. This will make your child respond to others’ queries and investigations.

ESF announces new admissions

in Education by Anne Murphy
The English Schools Foundation will be introducing a new admissions policy which puts an end to its category system for prioritising children who apply for places at ESF primary and secondary schools. The new policy will be effective from August 2013 for entry into ESF schools in August 2014.