Mui Wo Agricultural Community Tour and Farm Ecosystem Workshop

22 Jun 2019
Hong Kong

Does Mui Wo have farmland? Visitors to Mui Wo might spot the old farmer who sells bananas, papayas, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc, near the ferry pier. Besides traditional farming methods, Mui Wo’s farmers also use sustainable and organic farming techniques. Have you ever visited their farms? It is only a short distance from their farms to the dining table. The Farm to Table programme is not just about enjoying culinary treats. It is a way to understand life in a natural environment.

Farm to Table has become popular in the recent years as a way to explore the relationship between agriculture and food consumption. Local restaurants and residents use locally grown ingredients to support the local farming community. This reduces the carbon footprint compared to produce that has to be transported from long distances. Consumers can learn directly from farmers how they operate, increasing transparency and ensuring food safety.

The workshop will be led by a representative of the farming community. It will provide an onsite understanding of the Mui Wo farmland ecology, the culture and history of the farming community; and experience as a citizen-scientist to help record and learn about the environment of farmland and natural habitat. After the visit to the farm, participants will sample Mui Wo agricultural produce in a local restaurant.

The tour will last approximately 3.5 hours to visit farms in Mui Wo with information on the ecosystem and farming and a photography workshop of the farm environment. Then dinner will be held in a local restaurant serving locally grown produce.

Size of group : 15
Language : Cantonese ( please indicate if you need English translation which may not be available for every event date).
Cost : $200 ( The agricultural community representative is a volunteer. The fee is only for the farm produce, restaurant service and partial cost of the tour).

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22 Jun 2019
Mui Wo Ferry Pier,
Mui Wo,
Hong Kong