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Ingredients of Wellness offers eight to 10-week mindfulness programmes teaching young people to direct attention, be calmer, concentrate more fully and to notice what is happening with their minds, bodies and emotions.

Courses are offered for children and adolescents from age six to 19, in four different groupings - six-eight years, eight-11 years, 12-14 years, and 15-19 years. Programmes are also available for young people on a one-on-one basis.
Mindfulness has been found to be helpful for young people of all ages. Learning skills to stop and calm down, to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve focus and concnetration, and to stop autopilot reactions, are just some of the benefits experienced by Ingredients of Wellness' students. For more information and for comments from students, please visit the website.
Instructor Angie Bucu has taught multiple programmes to children and teens throughout Hong Kong. Angie is one of the leading children's mindfulness instructors in Hong Kong and has been actively involved in bringing an awareness of the benefits of mindfulness learning and skills development to Hong Kong's families and schools. She enjoys sharing her work with groups, families, individual children and adolescents, as well as schools. Angie is happy to work with schools both in the school setting as part of the curriculum or as extra-curricular/ after school activity programmes.

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