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Adorn yourself with a piece of original artwork: each one-of-a-kind copper jewellery you find at FHUNG artistmade is an authentic work by the artist Lie Fhung, employing a special process that she first developed for her artworks, ‘Life Force : Terrain’ series which have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Jakarta art galleries.

The shimmering oxidised colours appear with varying undertones and shades under different lighting conditions and viewing angles, so the pieces might appear mysteriously deep or dazzlingly brilliant. Each piece of jewellery is created by the artist’s hands, one by one - with love. Each piece is totally unique; hand-shaped by her from scratch without any casting or mould used. The surface has been coated with protective layer to arrest the meticulously nurtured oxidation effect.
Take delight in wearing a genuine piece of art or two! You'll find no one else in the whole world wearing the exact same piece as yours! Get them online or contact Fhung to arrange a private viewing appointment.


Greenish Court,
Greenvale Village,
Discovery Bay

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