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  • DB resident

    Your bus services in the rush hour is such a mess and it is a disaster! We don’t see any plan for you to improve at all!

  • Janet Au Reply

    DB finally have Chinese Dai Ma, last week one bit the bus driver.
    Today at north plaza 1/f, when I went to toilet at 8:15 pm, a Dai Ma quite enjoy practicing Dai Ma Dancing with her mobile video INSIDE the kindergarten area.

  • Bruna Reply

    I took the bus from DB north plaza to Tung Chung every once in a while with my baby stroller. This time the driver asked me to fold the stroller – as usual and I explained that I would lock it and took the baby out. But it’s honestly impossible to fold the stroller with a 2 months baby in my arms alone. Usually the drivers understand and doesn’t bother. But this time was different: the driver got angry and I asked if he can do it himself while I hold the baby. He just picked up the stroller and put it (assembled) in a seat. I mean,what is it for? Safety? I can assure it would be much more safer if it was on the ground and locked. All my stuff that were inside the stroller fall apart. He could even damaged my personal belongings. Would he pay if it happens? I have pictures of that and video for reference. Hope you can improve the service provided by the drivers and understand that mothers with small babies can’t handle this kind of situation.

  • Joshua

    There are rats in the coastline villa area and it is quite frustrating as the management haven’t done anything.

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