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Discovery Bay BJJ is the sole Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy in Discovery Bay, teaching the gentle art to adults, teenagers and kids.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a ground fighting system including take down, control on the ground and submission using positioning and leverage instead of brute force. Training includes mobility drills, techniques and real force sparring where students apply the techniques they learn against a resisting opponent. This makes BJJ a strategic and efficient martial arts that helps develop self-control, self-confidence, respect and strong friendship.
Kids classes focus on self-defense, mobility, control and escape in a family-like environment and are designed to be fun.
Teenager and adult class focus on self-defense, mobility, control, escape and submissions with longer sparring periods.
But more than just martial arts, Discovery Bay BJJ teaches values that are part of the training culture: respect of oneself and others, discipline, leadership, determination, a strategic mind set to face any type of problems and most importantly, learning experiences.
Classes include: BJJ Kids (seven to 11 years old, BJJ Teenagers (12 to 16 years old), BJJ adults (16 years old and above) and self-defense for women.
Trial classes are FREE! Sibling discounts also available.


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