DB Transit Services

Discovery Bay Transit Services include the ferry, internal and external buses.




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  • Nicholas Chambers Reply

    I was on bus 02R number DBAY 181 today which departed the temporary bus terminal (Plaza) at 13:30. The driver was driving very fast and aggressively which made the ride uncomfortable and unnecessarily risky. Could you please have a word with him and remind him that he is driving a large public bus, not a Ferrari. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This afternoon I took a bus service to Sunny Bay. I paid my fare in coins, and the driver refused my payment. He angrily confronted me in front of other passengers and I ended up paying with my octopus card. He couldn’t speak English so i switched to Cantonese, to no avail. Afterwards I approached him and calmly asked for a reason, and for my money back. He waved at the customer service hotline and dismissed me with a wave of his hand. Unacceptable behaviour.

  • Robert Campbell Reply

    I was waiting at the spot designated on the pavement at the La Costa bus stop for the bus to Tung Chung. Whilst I extended my arm towards the approaching 1.15pm bus, the driver rudely shouted something and drove past me.

  • CP Reply

    Sunny Bay bus service lapsed today (31/3) without explanations, there was no 11:30am bus from Sunny Bay to DB, saw many Sunny Bay buses drop off passengers but.only one pick up passengers at 11:45am.

  • Julie Reply

    The buses are not coordinated with ferries. I take the T4 and today it’s 6.55pm and no bus to link with 6.10pm ferry. Soon the 6.30 ferry will be arriving. This happens a lot. I would appreciate a reply.

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