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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art focusing on character development as well as self-defence. Taekwondo's values, which are called the spirit of Taekwondo, include integrity, courtesy, self-control, indomitable spirit and perseverance which are focused on highly during every lesson.

The literal meaning of Taekwondo translates to "the way of the hand and foot".
1. It is characterised by the way kicks and punches are employed to defeat an opponent.
2. Much emphasis is put on the physical training requiring strength, body coordination, free fighting techniques and skills.
3. However, the main goal of learning Taekwondo is to achieve control over the mind as well as the body.
Taekwondo's discipline, technique and mental training are the mortar for building a strong sense of justice, fortitude, humility and resolve. It is this mental conditioning that separates the true practitioner from the "sensationalist" who is content with mastering only the fighting aspects of the art.
Do Kwan Taekwondo's goal for every student it teaches is to help them grow their sense of respect, discipline and self-control, helping them grow into the person they want to be.
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