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Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens was established in February 2007 by Tim and Edith, to revolutionize people's concept of their ideal bed linen.

Their quest was to produce an exquisite and uniquely superior fabric for bed linens, with minimal impact on the environment; a durable fabric which would maintain its nice, new buttery-soft feel through years of use and laundering.
It took two years of research and trials to create a fabric that not only satisfied their criteria, but surpassed them... more than 99% of field studies received glowing accolades, while all lab test results far exceeded the required standards.
Butterfly Dreams' signature fabric is hard to describe... sensuous, buttery, luxurious, opulent, lavish, rich, pampering, sumptuous, ritzy or just sooooooo soft and luscious! It is the ultimate fabric for fitted sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. You'll wonder how you ever slept without it!
The microfiber bedlinen saves energy both by drying quickly and eliminating the need to iron, due to its high crease and crinkle resistant properties
Giving back...
In pursuing their dream to revolutionize bed linen, Tim and Edith also want to help others less fortunate than themselves, which is why they donate some of their ur profits to Savong's school for children in rural Cambodia.
With everything they produce, their philosophy is simple: Luxury that doesn't cost the earth - literally! Luxury...with a cause.


Level 9 Central Building,
1-3 Pedder Street,


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