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From samba to cha cha cha, AT DanceSport Academy offers Latin dance classes for all levels. "DanceSport" is the term which is now internationally used to include Latin dances and standard dances.

Classes on offer include:
* Latin Starter – The Latin Starter aims to provide those new to the sport with a comprehensive introduction to the different Latin dances.
* Latin Combo – The Latin Combo is a great class for both beginners as well as intermediates. During the class, there is a mix of two Latin dances. It's a great social activity to meet new friends and reduce stress.
* Latin Improvers – The Latin Improvers is structured specifically for those who already have a fundamental background in Latin dancing.
Latin Rising Star – The Latin Rising Star is an exciting class bringing students even deeper into the dances with more intricate steps, competitive dance variations and choreography.
* Latin Senior – The Latin Senior is suitable for people from age 55+. The course introduces basic Latin dance steps in a relaxed atmosphere and pace.


BMSE Community Cnetre,
DB North Plaza,
Discovery Bay


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