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AquaBlu Marine Consultancy Limited has over 35 years of international and local experience in marine and shipping/ yachting matters, and marine law and insurance.
The company specialises in selling high-quality pleasure boats and super yachts. It also specialises in finding suitable berths, which are always in short supply, HK wide.
Contact the team for a customised listing and viewing of its exclusive pleasure boats, yachts and super yachts, ranging from 30 feet up to and including 70 - 100 feet.
With over three decades of experience in the boating world and shipping and marine business, AquaBlu has established a reputation for only selling boats that meet its high standards and expectations.
AquaBlu's many clients will attest to its utmost professionalism and effectiveness in finding you the boat you want and need, at the right price, through its discretion and unparalleled contacts throughout the boating industry in Hong Kong.
With its wealth of experience in boat/ yacht sales and brokerage, berths/ debentures, marine insurance, and assisting in solving marine problems and resolutions, AquaBlu is confident it can assist you find the boat you need, at the price you require.
AquaBlu's services are available throughout Hong Kong, covering: Discovery Bay, Gold Coast, Aberdeen and the New Territories.
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