The Lantau Trail Series: Walkabout

With spectacular views and exciting flora and fauna, the 12-section Lantau trail is Hong Kong at it's most scenic. Check out our series of articles on hiking the entire route of the 70-kilometre Lantau trail.... Read More
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Full Circle: completing the Lantau trail

Completing the last three sections of the 70-kilometre Lantau Trail, Claire Severn ends up where she started – in Mui Wo. Day four of our Lantau hike – the final stretch. Fiftykilometres down, just 20 left to go. The sun is shining,  the cow... Read More
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Lantau trail hikes

Starting and finishing in the quiet coastal hamlet of Mui Wo, the 70-kilometre Lantau Trail was opened to the public in December 1984. It consists of 12 well-maintained and marked sections, with excellent visitor facilities along the way.... Read More
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