Case Sensitive: DBers Saxon and Jarvis Whittaker

We try to devote these pages to the talent on your side of the island – after all, we have Around DB to trumpet DB’s movers and shakers – but an exception has to be made for DBers Saxon and Jarvis Whittaker, aka Case Sensitive. Why? Because the... Read More
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The future looks bright: South Lantau Property

Late last year, prognostications for Hong Kong’s property market overall in 2019 were bleak. A Sino-US trade war was impacting commercial rents, a slowing Chinese economy was flattening tourist spending (even with strong arrival numbers), and inter... Read More
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Fung Shui: the Bagua Map

In order to successfully apply feng shui in your home, you need to determine where each room is located on the bagua map. This is simple enough to do but first you need to decide whether you are going to follow the Western (BTB) bagua or the traditio... Read More
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