Feng Shui: Outdoor areas

If you know the basics of feng shui, you’ll find you can radically up the sheng chi (good energy) levels on your balcony or terrace in the space of an afternoon.... Read More
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Full Circle: completing the Lantau trail

Completing the last three sections of the 70-kilometre Lantau Trail, Claire Severn ends up where she started – in Mui Wo. Day four of our Lantau hike – the final stretch. Fiftykilometres down, just 20 left to go. The sun is shining,  the cow... Read More
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Feng Shui: the living room

One of the reasons minimalist design schemes appeal to so many of us is that they radiate sheng chi (beneficial energy). A pared-back, clutter-free room is harmonious and well-balanced, it’s calming without being dull and it has a sense of flow –... Read More
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