Eco Shooters: DBIS' budding young green photographers

in Talking Points by Samantha Wong, 1 May 2017
Samantha Wong showcases some of the winning photographs in the DBIS Green Photography Competition and hears from the budding young photographers.

Futuristic farm: DB resident Kevin Chu's designer eco pad

in Talking Points by Samantha Wong, 1 April 2017
Through his designer eco pad in DB’s Caperidge Village, Kevin Chu experiments with a new way of living that takes the luxe out of luxury and makes green living look good. Samantha Wong reports.

Opening eyes: Life with a guide dog in Hong Kong

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 March 2017
Sam Agars chats with two long-term DBers in a bid to understand what life with a guide dog is like, and what the community can do to help make their lives just that little bit easier.
Preparing kids for university

Skills for life: The top five skills that teens need for future success

in Talking Points by Barbara Cooper, 1 February 2017
How equipped is your child for university and beyond? Barbara Cooper outlines the top five skills modern teens need for future success.

Bird's eye view: How drones are changing the way we view the world

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 January 2017
Over the last two or three years, the popularity of mainstream consumer drones has skyrocketed and they are literally changing the way we view the world. Sam Agars reports

Behind the scenes: The benefits of acting lessons for kids

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 December 2016
Talking to three of DB’s top performing-arts teachers, Sam Agars discovers that the benefits of learning to act go way beyond mastering stagecraft.

All aboard: Amy Yung talks Chinese Chess and Mahjong

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 November 2016
Chinese chess and Mahjong are two classic games that never get old. Sam Agars talks strategy with DB’s Islands District Council Member Amy Yung and finds out why both games are easy to learn but extremely difficult to master.

Born to run: Why Discovery Bay is a runner's paradise

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Its wide open spaces, proximity to the trails and quiet roads make DB a runners’ haven. Sam Agars catches up with five local enthusiasts to find out what makes them tick.

Hong Kong ePrix: The need for sustainable speed

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 September 2016
Gearing up for the first Hong Kong ePrix, Sam Agars discovers why Formula E is the ultimate event experience, and one that is beginning to win over even the most dedicated petrol heads.

Is your family ready to rehome a pet?

in Talking Points by Katie Scott, 1 August 2016
August 31 is International Dog Day. To mark this, Katie Scott speaks to some DB families who have recently welcomed pets into their home, and celebrates the local heroes who save abandoned animals across Hong Kong.
Homeopathic travel remedies

Homeopathic travel kit

in Talking Points by Mina Weight, 1 July 2016
Homeopathy is a complementary medical system that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. Mina Weight picks out some essential, all-natural remedies for your next family vacation

DB's Guardian Angels

in Talking Points by Katie Scott, 1 June 2016
Seven DB ladies are competing in the Hong Kong-wide Angels for Orphans 2016 Fitness Challenge, improving their health and fitness and raising money for children in Bali at the same time. Katie Scott reports.

Katrina Lowe's winning article in the 2016 Young Writers Competition

in Talking Points by Katrina Lowe, 1 May 2016
Envisioning a dystopian future, Katrina Lowe, 14, winner of the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writers Competition 2016, expresses her concerns about our growing reliance on technology.

Game on

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 April 2016
With the world’s best ready to shine at the home of the Sevens, Sam Agars reveals why this year’s tournament could be the hardest fought yet.

The future of learning

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 March 2016
Professor Sugata Mitra’s recent talk at Discovery Bay International School provided parents and educationalists alike with plenty of food for thought. Sam Agars reports.

Going Ape - The Year of the Monkey

in Talking Points by Samantha Wong, 1 February 2016
What will 2016 bring and how can you enhance your luck? Samantha Wong gets the measure of the Monkey in the lead up to Chinese New Year.

Calling all Picnic in the Park fans!

in Talking Points by Imogen Ma, 1 January 2016
We’ve been looking forward to the 10th anniversary edition of Picnic in the Park for a full 14 months, Imogen Ma reports

Festive feasting in Discovery Bay

in Talking Points by Melissa Stevens, December 2015
DBers hail from all around the world, meaning we residents are exposed to the customs of myriad countries, particularly at Xmas. Melissa Stevens sits down with three local families to find out how they celebrate.

Thrills n’ spills - an inside look at Team FEAR

in Talking Points by Melissa Stevens, November 2015
DB kids are training avidly for the Team FEAR Junior Challenge on November 29. Three former competitors (and their mums) tell Melissa Stevens what they got out of it.

The Helper

in Talking Points by Beverly Au, October 2015
The Unsung Heroes, a choir of domestic workers founded by DB resident Jane Engelmann, is about to star in a much-publicised documentary.

Restaurants in Discovery Bay

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