Support system

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs, 1 March 2016
Whether you are looking to save, invest, or grow your money, a financial advisor can help you achieve specific goals. Joe Dobbs reports.

Financially fit

in Money matters by Annette M Houlihan, 1 January 2016
When getting your finances in shape for 2016, you’ll want to put your family’s future first. Annette M Houlihan reports

Holiday budgeting - money tips for Christmas

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs, November 2015
Joe Dobbs, a professional bond trader based in Lantau, advises on surviving the silly season with at least some of your savings still intact.

All you need to know about pre and postnuptial agreements

in Money matters by Steve Corbin September 2015
Last year, the Hong Kong Government amended the law regarding the enforceability of pre and postnuptial agreements. How legally binding are they and should you consider one? DB resident Steve Corbin reports.

Have you got it covered?

in Money matters by arounddb July 2015
A strong financial foundation can protect your family, health and long-term wealth – just don’t rely on your employer to handle this for you. DB residents Jonathan Menzies and David Cooper report.

Cross-border planning

in Money matters by Annette M. Houlihan May 2015
Overseas ownership of assets requires you to think carefully not just about taxation but about your estate planning. Eighteen-year DB resident Annette M. Houlihan takes an internationally informed look.

Financial Networking

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs April 2015
Are you looking to lend and borrow for better income at better rates? Joe Dobbs speaks to DB resident Mukesh Bubna to find out how.

Global investment

in Money matters by Martin W. Hennecke February 2015
As 2015 kicks into gear, Martin W. Hennecke outlines some top global investment opportunities – bearish and otherwise

Gordon Franks talks money

in Money matters by Gordon Franks December 2014
Year-end is a great time to change up your financial habits. Gordon Franks reports.

Investing in your future

in Money matters by Beverly Au November 2014
With competition for high-level jobs on the increase, getting an MBA is a shrewd move, writes Beverly Au.

How much is enough?

in Money matters by Annette M. Houlihan October 2014
When we consider how much money we need to live, what do we need to take into account? Annette M. Houlihan reports.

Smart budgeting

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs September 2014
Spend your money wisely and you’ll get more bang for your buck. Joe Dobbs offers a step-by-step strategy for managing personal finances.

Vacation funding

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs August 2014
Have the holidays caught you on the hop financially this summer? Joe Dobbs reports on the best ways to save for next year’s trip.

Global update

in Money matters by Martin W. Hennecke July 2014
From Russian gas to the London gold fix and a whole lot of Belgian waffle, Martin W. Hennecke provides a whistle-stop tour of the world markets.

Finance and divorce

in Money matters by Annette M. Houlihan June 2014
Breaking up is never easy, and financial issues can be as difficult to work out as emotional ones. Annette M. Houlihan advises on restarting your finances after divorce.

Cash smarts

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs May 2014
How to teach your kids the financial facts of life. Joe Dobbs, a professional trader based in Lantau reports.

Steady as she goes

in Money matters by Elizabeth Kerr April 2014
Despite a volatile bigger picture, Discovery Bay has managed to stay on an even property keel so far in 2014. Elizabeth Kerr reports

Sure thing

in Money matters by Joe Dobbs March 2014
Determined to harness wealth and prosperity during the Year of the Horse, Joe Dobbs, a professional trader based in Lantau, explores the similarities between racetrack betting and successful stock-market speculation.

The richer sex

in Money matters by Simon Parfitt February 2014
There’s no denying that more men than women work in the world of money. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s the men who hold the purse strings, or that modern women don’t have their finances expertly worked out. Simon Parfitt reports.

Look to the Future

in Money matters by Martin W. Hennecke January 2014 issue
You don’t need second sight to invest successfully in 2014 but you do need to think ahead and know which common mistakes to avoid. Martin W. Hennecke reports.

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