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Happy campers: Choosing a summer camp for your kids

in Family Matters by Samantha Wong, 1 June 2017
With all the different summer activities on offer across DB and Lantau, how do you decide which will benefit your child the most? Samantha Wong reports.

Screening out: The effect of technology on our children

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 June 2017
Our lives are increasingly and inextricably governed by technology. What effect does this increased reliance on screens have on our children? Kate Farr reports.

Skills for life: Encouraging kids to help around the house

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 May 2017
Teaching kids simple household chores sets them up for adulthood, while allowing them to feel competent and responsible in the here and now. Kate Farr reports.

May bouquet: A reflection on Mother's Day

in Family Matters by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 May 2017
Lantau mum and one of the mentors in this year’s Young Writer’s Competition, Sharon Lesley Le Roux reflects on the reasons we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Easter in DB: Something for everyone

in Family Matters by arounddb, 1 April 2017
SPONSORED CONTENT - The culturally-diverse DB community brings people from many religions and all walks of life together. While not everyone celebrates Easter for its Christian meaning – the resurrection of Christ – the open- minded attitude of DBers ensures Easter is an enjoyable time for all.

Living green: Easy-to-implement eco tips

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 April 2017
Kate Farr’s easy-to- implement eco tips and activities will help you get on board for Earth Day (April 22) and beyond.

Little green shoots: How local schools are taking the classroom outside

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 April 2017
In a world where children are often confined to small flats, familiarity with nature can fall by the way side. Fortunately local schools are making it their mission to give students a hands-on outdoor upbringing. Sam Agars reports.

Tidy up time: Quick and easy ways to keep your home clutter free

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 March 2017
All out of storage solutions? Try these quick and easy ways to keep your home clutter free. Kate Farr reports.

Learning from the past: The importance of history to a child's education

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 March 2017
Acknowledging the importance of history to a child’s education, Trisha Hughes, one of this year’s mentors in the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, explains why the best stories never get old.
Valentine's ideas

Love is in the air: Celebrating Valentine's Day with the whole family

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 February 2017
With easy-to-make solutions for cards, bouquets and treats, Kate Farr looks into celebrating Valentine’s Day with the whole family.
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Balancing act: How can we portray the right message to our kids about health and fitness?

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 February 2017
Being fit and fabulous is one thing but, in pursuing health and happiness, we need to be sure we are sending the right messages to our kids. Trisha Hughes reports.

Beware what you wear: How the fabrics you choose can affect your health

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 January 2017
Without knowing it, parents are exposing their children to toxic chemicals in clothing that could have serious consequences for their health. Sam Agars reports.

Roostering with intent: Celebrating Chinese New Year with the kids

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 January 2017
Ready to usher in Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, Kate Farr introduces some exciting ways to enjoy the celebration with kids.

Getting into golf: The DB kids set for future stardom

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 December 2016
Spending time on the green is a passion for many DBers and the top local players, following in their parents’ footsteps, are starting young. Sam Agars reports.

Simplify the silly season: Christmas made easy

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 December 2016
Kate Farr hacks the hassle out of choosing a tree, decking the halls and serving up a gourmet Christmas lunch.

The Real Thing: Are traditional bookstores under threat from e-books?

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 November 2016
In a world where books are just a click away, the digital onslaught of e-books and Amazon-style retailers has put bookstores in a difficult predicament. Is the bricks-and-mortar family bookstore on borrowed time? Trisha Hughes finds out.

How to de-stress the morning routine

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 November 2016
Do you battle five days out of seven to get your kids dressed, fed and ready for school? Kate Farr’s sneaky survival tips will help you transform those manic mornings.

Teen rebellion: Underage drinking and drug usage in DB

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Underage drinking and illegal drug use are rife in DB. In assessing the situation, Sam Agars considers the causes and provides some level-headed advice for parents.

How to throw the perfect party for your child - without the stress

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 October 2016
Are you feeling pressured to provide the best children’s party ever? Kate Farr reveals how to cheat your way to the perfect, hassle-free birthday bash.

DB childhood cancer survivors share their stories

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 September 2016
DB residents Hannah Rose Meeson and Sandra Roe are survivors of childhood cancer. Hannah is eight years old and Sandra, 47. They share their stories with Trisha Hughes.