Happy campers: Choosing a summer camp for your kids

in Family Matters by Samantha Wong, 1 June 2017
With all the different summer activities on offer across DB and Lantau, how do you decide which will benefit your child the most? Samantha Wong reports.

Ups and downs: Health and safety hilarity

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 June 2017
Balancing on a literary ravine, Peter Sherwood contemplates foolish safety measures, silly signs and even sillier announcements.

In the raw: Delicious fish recipes

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 June 2017
Hooked on sashimi but over sushi? Then cast your net wider. You’ll be pleased to know that Japan does not have the monopoly on raw fish recipes.

Dreamtime: Australian holiday adventures

in Escapes by Jennifer Thiele, 1 June 2017
Venturing deep into Australia’s Red Centre, Jennifer Thiele gets her fill of never-ending desert landscapes, mighty rock formations and big skies.

Screening out: The effect of technology on our children

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 June 2017
Our lives are increasingly and inextricably governed by technology. What effect does this increased reliance on screens have on our children? Kate Farr reports.

YWC Winning Story: Angel of Death - Josef Mengele

in Talking Points by Kayla Lee, 1 June 2017
By getting inside the mind of a psychopath, Kayla Lee, the 13-year-old winner of the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition 2017, brings history to life.

Bay watch: Does your sunscreen have you covered?

in Infocus by Samantha Wong, 1 June 2017
As you pursue the bronzed body beautiful, can you be sure the sunscreen you choose really has you covered? And what are the consequences if it hasn’t? Samantha Wong reports.

Heroes and villains: YWC 2017 finalists discuss their inspirations

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 June 2017
The Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition 2017 challenged students to write from the point of view of a famous historical figure. Sam Agars meets the finalists.

Supermarket mind games

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 May 2017
As you race through your weekly shop, bargain hunting with the best of them, stop to consider what really lies behind all the discounts. Peter Sherwood reports.

Pretty as a picture: Sweet and delicious floral treats for Mother's Day

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 May 2017
Say it with flowers this Mother’s Day by heading to the kitchen and making mum a sweet and delicious floral treat.

Animal adventures: Unbeatable wildlife vacations

in Escapes by Kate Farr, 1 May 2017
When deciding on your next big-ticket vacation, why not go all out and book into somewhere utterly wild? Kate Farr reports.

Skills for life: Encouraging kids to help around the house

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 May 2017
Teaching kids simple household chores sets them up for adulthood, while allowing them to feel competent and responsible in the here and now. Kate Farr reports.

Eco Shooters: DBIS' budding young green photographers

in Talking Points by Samantha Wong, 1 May 2017
Samantha Wong showcases some of the winning photographs in the DBIS Green Photography Competition and hears from the budding young photographers.

May bouquet: A reflection on Mother's Day

in Family Matters by Sharon Lesley Le Roux, 1 May 2017
Lantau mum and one of the mentors in this year’s Young Writer’s Competition, Sharon Lesley Le Roux reflects on the reasons we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Songs of Freedom: Celebrating Helper Appreciation Month

in Infocus by Sam Agars, 1 May 2017
As we celebrate DB’s third Helper Appreciation Month, Sam Agars focuses on three domestic workers who have got themselves out of debt bondage, and the people who are working to solve the problem at its root.

Against the wind: DBICC's determined dragon boaters

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 May 2017
Pamela and Brent Wallace proudly paddle against the current with Discovery Bay International Community Church’s The Ripple Effect – and do a little good along the way. Elizabeth Kerr reports

Who's pranking who? A light-hearted take on DB's development plans

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 April 2017
DB’s favourite serial griper, Peter Sherwood, makes an unexpected case for the resort’s further development.

Sevens in the city: Your 2017 guide

in Infocus by Henry Benjamin, 1 April 2017
From coaching clinics to concerts to celebrity chefs, this year’s Hong Kong Sevens truly does have something for everyone. Henry Benjamin reports.

Art and culture: DB artist Carolina Kollmann talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 April 2017
Argentine transplant Carolina Kollmann holds an acrylic-and-oil mirror up to Hong Kong’s marginalised. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Easter in DB: Something for everyone

in Family Matters by arounddb, 1 April 2017
SPONSORED CONTENT - The culturally-diverse DB community brings people from many religions and all walks of life together. While not everyone celebrates Easter for its Christian meaning – the resurrection of Christ – the open- minded attitude of DBers ensures Easter is an enjoyable time for all.

Simply eggcellent: Delicious breakfasts for the Easter holidays

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 April 2017
Hunt no further for delicious breakfasts to make over the holidays. You’ll also find tips on painting Easter eggs (before you eat them)

Tale of two cities: Melbourne has something for everyone

in Escapes by Andrew Buykx-Smith, 1 April 2017
Benefiting from its North-South divide, mighty Melbourne has something for everyone. It’s the perfect place to step off the beaten track and experience the good life down under. Andrew Buykx-Smith reports.

Living green: Easy-to-implement eco tips

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 April 2017
Kate Farr’s easy-to- implement eco tips and activities will help you get on board for Earth Day (April 22) and beyond.

Futuristic farm: DB resident Kevin Chu's designer eco pad

in Talking Points by Samantha Wong, 1 April 2017
Through his designer eco pad in DB’s Caperidge Village, Kevin Chu experiments with a new way of living that takes the luxe out of luxury and makes green living look good. Samantha Wong reports.

Little green shoots: How local schools are taking the classroom outside

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 April 2017
In a world where children are often confined to small flats, familiarity with nature can fall by the way side. Fortunately local schools are making it their mission to give students a hands-on outdoor upbringing. Sam Agars reports.

Earth hour 2017: Is just one hour enough?

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 March 2017
On March 25, we’ll be turning off our lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. But to save the planet what we really need is a change of heart. Peter Sherwood reports.

Something a little different: Introducing the delights of Polish cuisine

in Lifestyle by Monika Carruthers, 1 March 2017
Through well-loved family recipes focused on farm-fresh produce, Monika Carruthers introduces the delights of Polish cuisine.

Family vacation: Child-friendly holiday destinations in South East Asia

in Escapes by Kate Farr, 1 March 2017
Thanks to the warmth of the locals and all the activities on offer, South East Asian travel can be a blast for kids. Kate Farr explores some dedicatedly child-friendly destinations.

Tidy up time: Quick and easy ways to keep your home clutter free

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 March 2017
All out of storage solutions? Try these quick and easy ways to keep your home clutter free. Kate Farr reports.

Opening eyes: Life with a guide dog in Hong Kong

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 March 2017
Sam Agars chats with two long-term DBers in a bid to understand what life with a guide dog is like, and what the community can do to help make their lives just that little bit easier.

Learning from the past: The importance of history to a child's education

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 March 2017
Acknowledging the importance of history to a child’s education, Trisha Hughes, one of this year’s mentors in the Around DB and Life on Lantau Young Writer’s Competition, explains why the best stories never get old.

Mark O'Reilly: A tribute

in Moments by arounddb, 1 March 2017
“An amazing man who filled the lives of many with love, laughter and fun. He will forever remain in the hearts of those he touched.” It’s clear that Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) teacher Sarah Beattie speaks for many when she pays tribute to her colleague and friend Mark O’Reilly, who tragically passed away while on a school ski trip in Switzerland in early…

Artistic vision: Tips from top photographers on getting that perfect shot

in Infocus by Sam Agars, 1 March 2017
Sharing the tricks of the trade with Sam Agars, three top local photographers explain just what it takes to capture that perfect shot.

Let's dance: Expanding DB's fitness landscape

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 March 2017
Alyona Zarnitsyna and Ivailo Tonchev’s passion for ballroom dancing is allowing them to expand DB’s fitness landscape. Elizabeth Kerr reports.
Valentine's Day

Stupid Cupid: Romantic love and the marriage game

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 February 2017
As Valentine’s Day approaches, Peter Sherwood reflects on romantic love and the marriage game.

Treats that can't be trumped: All-American supper recipes

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 February 2017
This traditional all-American supper menu is guaranteed to hit the spot and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Pacific Paradise: Your guide to holidays in Hawaii

in Escapes by Cecilia Yee, 1 February 2017
A cinematographer’s dream, not to mention a bucket-list destination for everyone from surfers to volcanologists, Hawaii will have you at aloha. Cecilia Yee reports.
Valentine's ideas

Love is in the air: Celebrating Valentine's Day with the whole family

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 February 2017
With easy-to-make solutions for cards, bouquets and treats, Kate Farr looks into celebrating Valentine’s Day with the whole family.
Preparing kids for university

Skills for life: The top five skills that teens need for future success

in Talking Points by Barbara Cooper, 1 February 2017
How equipped is your child for university and beyond? Barbara Cooper outlines the top five skills modern teens need for future success.
Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Balancing act: How can we portray the right message to our kids about health and fitness?

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 February 2017
Being fit and fabulous is one thing but, in pursuing health and happiness, we need to be sure we are sending the right messages to our kids. Trisha Hughes reports.

Financial management 2017: Advice on how to invest in the equities market

in Infocus by John Parsons, 1 February 2017
When it comes to equities, it isn’t about timing the market but rather time in the market. John Parsons of Parsons White Wealth Management advises that doing nothing is often best.

The Water Boy: Bringing fitness and essential skills to the residents of DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 February 2017
Banker-turned-coach Olivier Baillet marries business and charity to bring fitness and empowerment to fellow residents. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

New Year versus eternity: 2017 and the great unknown

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 January 2017
To kick off 2017, Peter Sherwood gets to grips with the meaning of life.

Beware what you wear: How the fabrics you choose can affect your health

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 January 2017
Without knowing it, parents are exposing their children to toxic chemicals in clothing that could have serious consequences for their health. Sam Agars reports.

Look to the future: The changing face of Discovery Bay

in Infocus by Sam Agars, 1 January 2017
For years the development of DB has polarised opinion and today is no different with residents quick to share their thoughts. Sam Agars reports.

Bird's eye view: How drones are changing the way we view the world

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 January 2017
Over the last two or three years, the popularity of mainstream consumer drones has skyrocketed and they are literally changing the way we view the world. Sam Agars reports

Great Scot: We talk to DB resident and world-class athlete John Campbell

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 January 2017
DB resident John Campbell proves you’re never too old to become a world-class athlete. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Tasty Travel: Top holiday destinations for foodies

in Escapes by arounddb, 1 January 2017
Whether you’re into sushi, street food, cinnamon or chocolate, you don’t have to travel far to find a dedicated designer resort. Kate Farr reports

Winter warmers: Hearty soup recipes with an international flavour

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 January 2017
Deliciously easy to make, the best soup recipes are passed down through families and picked up from friends. It’s no surprise that here in Hong Kong our go-to favourites bring home an international flavour.

Roostering with intent: Celebrating Chinese New Year with the kids

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 January 2017
Ready to usher in Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, Kate Farr introduces some exciting ways to enjoy the celebration with kids.

A Christmas hug: Have we lost sight of the festive season's true meaning?

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 December 2016
Trying to explain Christmas to an alien, Peter Sherwood is reminded that the only gift worth getting is a good cuddle.

Winter wonderland: Skiing holidays in South Korea

in Escapes by Ben Stower, 1 December 2016
Do yourself a favour by beating the world to the punch and taking advantage of South Korea’s fresh powder, exhilarating slopes and unforgettable culture. Ben Stower explores Gangwon-do ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Saving the Rhino: DB student Finnley Burrough is on a mission

in Moments by Jennifer Atepolikhine, 1 December 2016
Be the change you want to see in the world: Seven-year-old DBer Finnley Burrough may not be familiar with this beautiful maxim just yet but there’s no doubt he embodies it. Jennifer Atepolikhine reports.

Behind the scenes: The benefits of acting lessons for kids

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 December 2016
Talking to three of DB’s top performing-arts teachers, Sam Agars discovers that the benefits of learning to act go way beyond mastering stagecraft.

Getting into golf: The DB kids set for future stardom

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 December 2016
Spending time on the green is a passion for many DBers and the top local players, following in their parents’ footsteps, are starting young. Sam Agars reports.

Simplify the silly season: Christmas made easy

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 December 2016
Kate Farr hacks the hassle out of choosing a tree, decking the halls and serving up a gourmet Christmas lunch.

The joy of Christmas: Celebrating the magic

in Infocus by Trisha Hughes, 1 December 2016
There’s a joyful sound coming from DB Plaza and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, writes Trisha Hughes. Why be a Grinch when there’s so much fun to be had?

Competing Flavours: DB pilot Brett Carter spills the beans on Masterchef

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 December 2016
DB pilot Brett Carter charts a course for a second career as a restaurateur after wading into the reality TV fray. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

The fear factor: DB's Team FEAR event

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 November 2016
Peter Sherwood looks into Discovery Bay’s Team FEAR event – for kids from eight to 18 – and takes it personally.

Fit 'n' fabulous: Five of the best destinations for wellness travel

in Escapes by Kate Farr, 1 November 2016
Kate Farr takes a look at five of the best destinations for wellness travel, all within easy reach of Hong Kong. Be it detox, diving or cycling, these breaks will keep you fighting fit as you see the world.

All aboard: Amy Yung talks Chinese Chess and Mahjong

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 November 2016
Chinese chess and Mahjong are two classic games that never get old. Sam Agars talks strategy with DB’s Islands District Council Member Amy Yung and finds out why both games are easy to learn but extremely difficult to master.

Scintillating snacks: Nostalgic culinary classics

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 November 2016
Which recipes are guaranteed to be a hit at your next get together? Take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic culinary classics.

The Real Thing: Are traditional bookstores under threat from e-books?

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 November 2016
In a world where books are just a click away, the digital onslaught of e-books and Amazon-style retailers has put bookstores in a difficult predicament. Is the bricks-and-mortar family bookstore on borrowed time? Trisha Hughes finds out.

Great day for a picnic: Around DB talks to The BIG Picnic organiser, Nick Flavell

in Infocus by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 November 2016
Having taken the reins of The BIG Picnic, launching on November 5, rock star, flyboy… and event organiser Nick Flavell is making big plans for the future. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Master class: DB's new dance teacher Christina Lai talks to Around DB

in Moments by Jennifer Atepolikhine, 1 November 2016
DMR School of Ballet’s new dance teacher Christina Lai opens up to Jennifer Atepolikhine about her dazzling career with the Hong Kong Ballet and her latest teaching role.

How to de-stress the morning routine

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 November 2016
Do you battle five days out of seven to get your kids dressed, fed and ready for school? Kate Farr’s sneaky survival tips will help you transform those manic mornings.

Olympic feats: DB osteopath Aaron Anderson talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 November 2016
Osteopath and Australian Olympic team consultant Aaron Anderson discusses DB’s alpha types, Rio and holistic medicine with Elizabeth Kerr.

Babes on wheels: How DB's little ones ride in luxury

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 October 2016
Multi-terrain and fully customisable, light, compact and super-fast, the modern ‘stroller deluxe’ is a fascinating creature. Peter Sherwood advises DB babies to enjoy the ride.

Wonderful Indonesia: From Bali to Borobudur and beyond

in Escapes by Cecilia Yee and Kathryn Gardner, 1 October 2016
No exploration of the world’s largest archipelago is complete without a stay in Bali. But venture beyond and Indonesia has a wealth of wonders that rival some of the most famous in the world. Cecilia Yee and Kathryn Gardner report.

Born to run: Why Discovery Bay is a runner's paradise

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Its wide open spaces, proximity to the trails and quiet roads make DB a runners’ haven. Sam Agars catches up with five local enthusiasts to find out what makes them tick.

Teen rebellion: Underage drinking and drug usage in DB

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Underage drinking and illegal drug use are rife in DB. In assessing the situation, Sam Agars considers the causes and provides some level-headed advice for parents.

How to throw the perfect party for your child - without the stress

in Family Matters by Kate Farr, 1 October 2016
Are you feeling pressured to provide the best children’s party ever? Kate Farr reveals how to cheat your way to the perfect, hassle-free birthday bash.

Jean-François Harvey talks kart racing ahead of the third Harvey Law Kart Race

in Moments by Patricia Jover, 1 October 2016
The global managing partner of Harvey Law Group doesn’t look like a speed freak or a mechanic but appearances can, as they say, be deceiving. Jean-François Harvey shares his love of kart racing with Patricia Jover.

Should DB be worried about its air and water quality?

in Infocus by Henry Benjamin, 1 October 2016
Discovery Bay residents don’t have much to complain about when it comes to standard of living and lifestyle in general, but how concerned should we be about the air we breathe and the water we drink? Henry Benjamin investigates.

DB's soccer star Andreas Thorsen talks going pro

in Profile by Sam Agars, 1 October 2016
Prodigious teen soccer talent, DB’s own Andreas Thorsen chats with Sam Agars about making it to the Scottish Championship league.

Show me the money

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 September 2016
Time is an illusion, watches are obsolete but the multi-billion-dollar Swiss watch industry is still going strong. Peter Sherwood reports.

Getting boot to ball: It's soccer season in DB!

in Action by Sam Agars, 1 September 2016
The passion for the game that can be seen in soccer-mad countries like England and Spain is on show right here in DB. Sam Agars reports.

Desexing network: Controlling the animal population in the Philippines

in Moments by Carlos Magno, 1 September 2016
DB vet Dr Ivy Cheung tells Carlos Magno of her mission to control the animal population on Malapascua Island in the Philippines.

French connections: Trail walking holidays in France's Massif Central

in Escapes by Peter Sherwood, 1 September 2016
Trail walking in France’s Massif Central, Peter Sherwood finds himself following in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Hong Kong ePrix: The need for sustainable speed

in Talking Points by Sam Agars, 1 September 2016
Gearing up for the first Hong Kong ePrix, Sam Agars discovers why Formula E is the ultimate event experience, and one that is beginning to win over even the most dedicated petrol heads.

A taste of Italy: three delicious pasta recipes

in Lifestyle by arounddb, 1 September 2016
Simple and elegant, these essential pasta dishes work equally well for special occasions and family mealtimes. What’s more, they take just minutes to make.

What does not for profit actually mean?

in Infocus by Sam Agars, 1 September 2016
Most of us immediately think charity when we hear not for profit, but there are numerous other organisations out there providing a service to the community for free. To complicate things further, some of these can legitimately generate an income. Sam Agars investigates.

DB childhood cancer survivors share their stories

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 September 2016
DB residents Hannah Rose Meeson and Sandra Roe are survivors of childhood cancer. Hannah is eight years old and Sandra, 47. They share their stories with Trisha Hughes.

DB Rotary club founder Christian Chasset talks to Around DB

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 September 2016
As the founder of DB’s new Rotary Club, Christian Chasset doesn’t want a cheque from you – he wants your time. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Is your family ready to rehome a pet?

in Talking Points by Katie Scott, 1 August 2016
August 31 is International Dog Day. To mark this, Katie Scott speaks to some DB families who have recently welcomed pets into their home, and celebrates the local heroes who save abandoned animals across Hong Kong.

DB band Helium3 launch their second album

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 August 2016
Looking at a second album release on August 8, Discovery Bay’s own Helium3 props its feet on the Marshall and makes a case for the resort as a rock ’n’ roll haven. Elizabeth Kerr reports.

Is Lantau still a nature destination for tourists?

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 August 2016
As Lantau’s summer season gets into gear, spare a thought for the mainland tourists who paid good money for a nature tour but got a gruelling shopping trip instead. Peter Sherwood reports.

Octopus: The inventor of the electronic payment system talks to Around DB

in Moments by Sam Agars, 1 August 2016
Sam Agars sits down with 23-year DB resident Paul Chan, the man behind the ever-expanding electronic payment system we all know and love.

Female pilots discuss flying high in a predominantly male world

in Infocus by Trisha Hughes, 1 August 2016
Trisha Hughes talks to two DB-based female pilots to understand what it’s like to fly high in a predominantly male world.

How DB schools are encouraging children in the arts

in Family Matters by Sam Agars, 1 August 2016
When schools cut back on budgets, the arts are usually the first to go. Fortunately, this is not happening here in DB as two upcoming student festivals go to show. Sam Agars reports.

A Pacific coast vacation

in Escapes by Cecilia Yee, 1 August 2016
Tearing down the Pacific Coast Highway in a red convertible, Cecilia Yee discovers a passion for the California coast.

Cricketing opportunities for kids in DB

in Action by Sam Agars and Jonathan Ogden, 1 August 2016
If your kids are keen to get into cricket, there are some exciting coaching opportunities available right here in DB. Jonathan Ogden and Sam Agars report.
Homeopathic travel remedies

Homeopathic travel kit

in Talking Points by Mina Weight, 1 July 2016
Homeopathy is a complementary medical system that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. Mina Weight picks out some essential, all-natural remedies for your next family vacation
Maddie Bowden and Tiffany Amber Tomlinson

Triple threats

in Profile by Elizabeth Kerr, 1 July 2016
DB’s own Maddie Bowden, 11, and Tiffany Amber Tomlinson, 6, have their sights on stardom this month in the shadow of the Great White Way. Elizabeth Kerr reports
Pink bauhinia Hong Kong

1997 and all that

in Out there by Peter Sherwood, 1 July 2016
Demanding some changes on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, Peter Sherwood suggests we start with a pink bauhinia

The take off

in Moments by Carlos Magno, 1 July 2016
Taking students to a specialist summer camp in Montreal, Canada is just one of the ways iGym founder Kim Doherty is upping the gymnastics bar in DB. Carlos Magno reports
Spinach and strawberry salad

Salad days

in Lifestyle by Jane Drew, 1 July 2016
Fresh and healthy fruit salads, combined with leafy greens, are simply super for summer, and look every bit as good as they taste. Jane Drew provides some essential recipes
Plastic pollution oceans

Drowning in plastic

in Infocus by Peter Sherwood, 1 July 2016
The amount of plastics manufactured in the first 10 years of this century approached the total produced in the entire last century. The level of non-biodegradable waste has reached a crisis point and Asia is a major culprit. Peter Sherwood reports
Working mums in Discovery Bay

How do they do it?

in Family Matters by Trisha Hughes, 1 July 2016
Some days as a working mum, you just want to put an ‘out of order’ sticker on your head and go back to bed. But then sanity returns because you have priorities and commitments. Trisha Hughes reports
Siem Reap Temples

Time out in Cambodia

in Escapes by Jason Pagliari, 1 July 2016
With five days ‘templing’ by bus and bicycle, and two days partying at the hotel pool, a week in Siem Reap is a lot of fun, says Jason Pagliari