Enhancements to temporary bus arrangements in DB

Discovery Bay temporary bus arrangements

Following the transition to the new temporary bus arrangements, Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTSL) has been gathering feedback from DB residents over the last few months, and is implementing a number of changes as a result.

The enhancements are intended to provide better protection for passengers at bus stops and to improve accessibility between the bus stops and the ferry pier.

The initiatives include:

  • The installation of electric fans and plastic curtains at bus stops
  • More visible signage along Discovery Bay Road, the new footbridge and the promenade
  • More lighting and seats (made from recycled wood) at bus stops
  • Mosquito-repelling plants at bus stops
  • Provision of wheelchairs to assist disabled passengers
  • New shelters along the footbridge to the plaza

For the latest bus timetables, head to www.arounddb.com/info/transport.


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