Over 300 DB residents participate in DB’s inaugural Crayon Run

The inaugural Crayon Run, organised by DB-based group The Crayon Society, was a huge success on Saturday, May 20, as over 300 participants turned to take part in the fun run on Tai Pak Wan beach.

Huge congratulations to the winners:
- Fabian Joseph and Carter Joseph in the parent and toddler category (aged one to five) who both ran 1km
- Olivier Courret and MaximeCourret in the parent and big kids category (aged six to nine) who both ran 2km
- Olivier Courret& Pauline Courret in the parent and teenager category (aged 10 to 14) who both ran 2km and Jocelyn Panes in the helper category that ran 1km.

Donations from participants were on a “give-what-you-can” basis, and ranged from HK$20 to HK$3,000. A total of HK$31,433 was raised by the event, with proceeds going to the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, a local charity supporting children with spinal problems.

For more photos of the event, visit http://www.arounddb.com/photo-gallery/category/359-the-crayon-run-2017



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