Three expats arrested for growing and possessing cannabis in Discovery Bay

Drug raid Discovery Bay

Police officers confiscated marijuana worth an estimated HK$750,000 in Discovery Bay on Saturday, after having received a tip-off.

According to Lantau police, two apartments were raided in Joyful Mansion, where they found 39 pots of cannabis along with cannabis-growing equipment and a manual on growing marijuana. Police also found offensive weapons at the scene.

A 43-year-old British woman was arrested for planting and growing cannabis, possession of instructions on how to grow cannabis, possession of cannabis-growing instruments and smoking equipment, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of arms without a licence and possession of offensive weapons.

A 48-year-old German man and a 44-year-old Indian man were also arrested for possession of dangerous drugs.

According to the police website, "any person who cultivates any plant of the genus cannabis or opium poppy, shall be liable upon conviction to a fine of HK$ 100,000 and imprisonment for 15 years."

Image: Oriental Daily


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