Better 'air days' recorded in Hong Kong last year, according to the Environmental Protection Department

2016 has ended on a positive note, with Hong Kong's air quality showing an improvement over the last 12months, according to a report released by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) yesterday.

Compared to the year before, the number of days recorded as "high" or above in respect to the Air Quality Index decreased by 44%, with the majority of stations considered acceptable under the city's Air Quality Objectives (AQO).

Roadside air pollution remains a problem however, as all three of the city's roadside monitoring stations exceeded the AQO target for levels of nitrogen dioxide.

It is hoped that further improvement will be seen over the coming year with assistant director of the EPD Mok Wai-chuen emphasising that the department will continue its efforts to strengthen collaborative efforts with Guangdong to minimise regional air pollution in the Pearl River Delta region.

Strengthened emission control for petrol and LPG vehicles, as well as technological advancements to reduce vehicle emissions, are also predicted to make a difference in 2017.

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