Discovery College closes sports pitch to ensure student safety, pending results of laboratory tests

Artificial Turf Discovery Bay

The sports pitch at Discovery College has been closed indefinitely, pending the outcome of an investigation into the safety of the materials used for its surface.

The decision to close the pitch, along with four other school sports pitches in Hong Kong, was taken by the English Schools Foundation (ESF) last week as a precautionary measure in order to protect students.

A spokesperson for ESF told Around DB that samples from the pitches have been passed to a local laboratory for analysis. Results from the tests are expected later this month or early next year.

The closure of the pitches comes after reports from other regions suggested that the rubber crumbs used to infill the turf on some pitches may contain harmful substances, although this remains unconfirmed at present. Made from recycled tyres, the purpose of the crumbs is to provide cushioning for players, making the surface softer than previous generations of synthetic turf.

Although artificial pitches are commonplace in Hong Kong, not all are constructed using the same materials.

In a statement yesterday, Discovery Bay International School confirmed that its own sports pitch is made with a different compound to those in question elsewhere, however it advised that it has commissioned laboratory tests of the pitch in order to ensure absolute peace of mind.



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