Hiker in Sai Kung attacked by 20-foot-long python

A hiker has escaped without serious injury after being attacked by a 20-foot-long python earlier this week.

The woman was hiking with a group in Sai Kung on Tuesday when the snake reportedly came at her out of the water and bit her on her left leg. It then dragged her into the stream.

The woman called for help and her fellow hikers managed to pull her out of the water. The group then captured the python and moved it away from the area. The hiker was taken to hospital with puncture wounds but luckily had no other injuries and is said to be in good condition.

Although python attacks on humans are rare, this latest incident comes just three months after a man was bitten by a 12-foot-long python in Sai Kung Country Park while out with his dog. Pythons generally only attack humans when forced to by severe hunger or in response to a perceived threat.


Man attacked by python in Sai Kung Country Park

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