Skateboarding teenagers cause delays on Airport Express and Tung Chung MTR line

Airport Express Hong Kong

Passengers on the Airport Express and Tung Chung MTR lines experienced delays yesterday evening after two teenage boys were seen trespassing on the track.

Trains were limited to just 22 kilometres per hour after a train captain spotted the boys near Siu Ho Wan at around 5pm. Journey times were affected by around 15 to 20 minutes as a result of the speed limit restrictions and intervals between trains were increased.

In-town check in services were also impacted, with passengers advised to check in two hours before their scheduled flight departure time, instead of the usual 90 minutes.

An MTR spokesman said that staff searching for the teenagers found them at Sham Shui Kok at around 5.40pm. The boys were taken to Tung Chung station where they were handed to police.

Services returned to normal after the boys were brought to safety.

Image: Wikipedia


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