Bad air day


According to data from the Real-time Air Quailty Index, the air pollution today has reached significant levels for the first time in weeks. The overall air quality in Hong Kong is currently at 169 µg/m3, categorised as “Unhealthy”. While the current air quality in Lantau is slightly lower at 161 µg/m3, it is still under the same category. According to the Air Quality and Pollution measurement, the public "may begin to experience health effects".

Currently, the air quality across the whole of Hong Kong remains at "Unhealthy", fourth out of the six-grade scale by the Air Quality and Pollution Measurement.

The Clean Air Network reports that the increased level of pollution today is “due to the outer circulation of Severe Typhoon Nepartak. Winds from West to Northwest are generally prevailing in Hong Kong since yesterday, and therefore pollutants accumulated in the Pearl River Delta has propagated to the city through the wind.”

(Updated 2:58PM on July 8 2016)


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