Emergency beach clean-up at Nim Shue Wan: Saturday July 9

Rubbish on Nim Shue Wan beach

Hong Kong's beaches have been deluged with trash in recent weeks, with massive amounts of waste washing up each day. In response, DB Green is organising emergency beach clean-ups at Sam Pak Wan, next to the North plaza, and Nim Shue Wan, near the Kai To ferry pier. Both beaches have been badly affected by the crisis.

The clean-ups will take place tomorrow, Saturday July 9.

Nim Shue Wan clean-up: 10am - 12pm
Sam Pak Wan clean-up: 2pm - 4pm

Can you spare some time to help? Volunteers are reminded to bring their own non-disposable water bottle, insect repellant and sunscreen. DB Green will supply gloves and bags.

DB resident Kate Wade and her family collected 10 bags of rubbish at Nim Shue Wan on Tuesday, but there is still a lot to do. Let's pull together to restore the beach to its natural beauty. Please share and spread the word!

Images: Angie Bucu/Kate Wade via Facebook


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