DB residents concerned about swimming pool safety after two children nearly drown at Club Siena

Club Siena Discovery Bay

DB residents have raised concerns about swimming pool safety after two separate incidents at Club Siena last week.

In the most recent incident on Friday, a young boy was found motionless in the water by a fellow swimmer, who pulled him out of the pool and raised the alarm. Another swimmer then stepped in to perform CPR on the boy, who was not breathing. The boy began breathing again but did not regain consciousness at the scene and was rushed to North Lantau hospital.

The boy was transferred to Princess Margaret hospital the following day. A spokesperson for the hospital said on Sunday that the boy was now in a stable condition.

The incident comes just two days after another child was rescued from the same pool by a member of the public. It is understood that child did not require hospital treatment.

Residents have been left shocked by the incidents, with many calling for a review of swimming pool safety procedures in the town. Islands district councillor Amy Yung has pledged to follow up on both incidents.


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