UK votes to leave the EU

The UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union in an historic referendum.

While some areas, including Scotland and London, showed strong support for the remain campaign, the majority of voters in England and Wales opted for a Brexit. Turnout for the vote was the highest since the general election in 1992, at 71.8%.

Markets around the world have seen significant drops as a result and the pound has hit its lowest level since 1985. The BBC reported Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell as saying that the Bank of England may now have to intervene to shore up the pound.

Britain would be the first country to leave the EU since its formation in 1958, although the process of leaving could take more than two years. Prime Minister David Cameron now has to decide whether to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, giving the UK two years to negotiate terms of the exit, however prominent leave compaigners, including Boris Johnson, have recommended that it should be delayed until 2020.



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