Say no to plastic straws

We all know that plastic poses a serious threat to our planet, but do we really stop to think about how much we dispose of on a day-to-day basis and where it ends up?

Head to any beach in Hong Kong and you will see the impact we're having, with single-use plastic items being washed up each day.
“The time for talk is long past, we need action and we need it now!” says Gary Stokes, Asia director for the direct action organisation Sea Shepherd and the driving force behind Launched on June 8, World Oceans Day, this new initiative aims to address the issues of single-use plastic head on and provide practical, eco-friendly alternatives.

The first item in the spotlight is the humble drinking straw. While many would like to see an end to straws altogether, the Last Straw movement recognises that isn't always practical and has therefore come up with a durable, paper version, that can last up to one hour in a drink yet is completely biodegradable.

Over the next six months their aim is to introduce their funky new straws to restaurants, bars, hotels, private clubs, coffee shops and schools across Hong Kong. In keeping with the eco theme, straws will all be green to start with, however custom colours and designs will be available in the future.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a beach clean-up will have seen just how many straws make up the overwhelming amount of plastic trash in our oceans. We can all play our part in stopping this through the simple choices we make each day.

Watch this video to find out more about the shocking reality of plastic straw pollution in Hong Kong. For more information visit


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