Mainland tourist kicked by Hong Kong guide for being loud dies

 A Hong Kong tour guide is being tried for figuring in the injury and subsequent death of a mainland visitor last October.

On trial is Ricky Woo Yin-nam, who while angered by the noise made by 54-year-old Miao Chunqi outside a jewellery store in Hung Hom, kicked the tourist, which caused him to fall to the ground twice. He died of a heart attack at a hospital the following day.

The 44-year-old guide told police on May 23 Monday that he thought the noise may disrupt shopping customers. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of common assault on Miao and another mainland tourist, Zhang Lixia.

In the ongoing trial at the Kowloon City Court, Woo revealed that on October 19, he was touring a group of 19 visitors from Jiangsu when he came upon Zhang and Miao at the D2 Jewellery Shop in Hung Hom. The pair were having a loud argument with a mainland guide named Deng Haiyan. After failing to get the pair to tone their voices down, Woo pulled Zhang away from the shop toward the parking lot, where Miao followed.

Acting on impulse in an ensuing scuffle, Woo angrily thrust a knee into Miao's left thigh. The tourist fell to the ground and lay there for a few moments with his eyes closed, before standing up and collapsing for a second time on the pavement outside the shop.

Seeing that he looked unwell, Woo broke up a gathering crowd to give the injured tourist air, and left with his tour group. As Miao also suffered facial injuries, the veteran guide believed others may have taken part in the brawl, but could not give any information on who they may have been.


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