Residents conduct sit-in protest against construction workers at Discovery Bay Recreation Club

Amidst strong opposition from residents, heavy equipment and construction workers appeared Monday at the contested site of a new golf kart parking lot at the Discovery Bay Recreation Club lawn.

Excavation began even as workers were unable to produce a proper government permit, when questioned by residents. A large segment of the community have remained vigilant since the protest movement began in March, when the plans for constructing the new parking lot came to light.

Photos of the demolition work spread across social media on May 16.

Amy Yung, Islands District Councillor for Discovery Bay, had been working with residents, including DBRC Tennis advisory committee Dr. Richard Beck, to block said construction. A series of petitions have been launched and filled, indicating clear displeasure at HKR's proposed rezoning of the much utilised recreational space.

Residents along with Amy Yung gathered at the site on Tuesday to rally against the excavation in a sit-in protest. Work has ceased for the time being.


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